ABHAS enables disadvantaged children especially girls to transform their lives by supporting and motivating them to attend school, stay in school longer and complete schooling. Over 20 dedicated years of working in underprivileged communities in Delhi NCR,ABHAS has reached out to more than 30,000 disadvantaged and socially excluded children and adolescents from urban slum communities and urban villages by directly engaging with them and their families. ABHAS is committed to promoting child rights, social justice and empowerment of people.

ABHAS has designed and added programs that support education and safety of urban marginalized girls at each milestone of their life;and also equip them with life skills to improve self-esteem, build confidence and empower them to take responsible decisions and cope with living on the margins in the capital city.

Our strong presence in the community, our grassroots approach, our ability to understand and resolve problems, and our resolve to stand in solidarity with children and their families, has made us the first point of contact for issues relating to schooling, prevention of child marriage, violence and abuse,and in recent times, issues dealing with security of location, displacement and coping with being on the margins. 

ABHAS diligently complies with all statutory prescriptions related to external audit, income tax, and the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. All donations to ABHAS are eligible for tax rebate u/s 80G of the Act.

“After interacting with teachers at ABHAS our parents’ attitudes have undergone a change. Now they do not differentiate between us and our brothers. Their support has improved our self-confidence.”


ABHAS – Action Beyond Help And Support is a Delhi based NGO, registered as a public charitable trust in October 2002. Madhavi Kotwal Samson,



The Vision of ABHAS is to provide a safe environment for children so that they can actively pursue their dreams and live a socially and economically independent life.



At the core of ABHAS is its commitment to promote social justice and empowerment of people. ABHAS believes in change and practical application.



Currently, ABHAS is implementing its Education and Health Initiative in Tughlakabad, an Urban Village situated in South Delhi and its contiguous settlements.